1st NEMTAC Provider in the State of Texas

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Superior started in April of 2011 with the shuttle services being provided under the main entity, TGW SuperiorCare MT MTS. Superior Shuttle became its own entity 3 years ago when the company felt the shuttle division should stand on its own as a paratransit provider. Superior Shuttle has strived to provide outstanding services to its partners and patients. They believe NEM TAC was “an obvious choice” to show their willingness to strive for excellence.

Superior Mobile Health, the management company of Superior Shuttle, has worked to raise the bar in the healthcare and transportation industry. They have attended the NEMTAC conference and other trade shows to better educate themselves and others to provide the best service possible. Superior Mobile Health and Superior Shuttle have embraced technology and have become more efficient in their daily operations. They have also developed very thorough policies, which help to guide their CTS drivers throughout their daily tasks.

Superior Shuttle offers added value as a contracted provider by utilizing various modes of service coupled with innovative technology. They have put safety as a priority, protecting valuable assets; their employees, and their passengers. Superior has accomplished this through rigorous training, AI technology via Samsara forward and rear-facing cameras. These cameras are proactive with interactive driver prompts keeping all passengers safe. These cameras also have facial recognition and score drivers daily on their safe driving habits.

Superior supports other companies in becoming accredited. In their experience, the time of processing may have taken longer than they expected. It was a lengthy process with a lengthier time frame and they believe this should be shortened to attract others who may be interested in becoming accredited. To them the main pro of becoming accredited is you become a better company and can prove to your customers that your company can provide the best current business services and
practices in the industry. A con would be: that it’s time-consuming and a lengthy process. It’s important to consider the processing time will be well worth its weight once you become accredited.

Superior believes in embracing the accreditation process will raise the bar as an industry standard, allowing accredited companies to show they are above board, which increases operating costs and should allow transportation providers to yield a higher revenue for these services.

Superior has transformed itself as a company by embracing “best practices” and incorporating these practices into their daily operations and training. These standards set by the accreditation process elevate the level of service and care provided to customers of the NEMT community.

By improving technology, equipment, training, and other crucial aspects of service operations, the clients of accredited companies will feel safer, better cared for, and proud to use the service tailored to them. This has shown clients that they have raised the bar, compared to other companies that are not accredited. Their company has raised the bar on how they provide service, thanks to becoming accredited, which means their competitors would either have to follow those standards or fall behind.

Transform Special

To honor this edition’s TransForm theme, Superior was asked what the industry needs to improve in its current state.

Transform Special

They believe companies should receive better reimbursements from MCO, and other insurance providers. These services should also be reimbursed by Medicare.
Superior thinks these are the top three changes needed in the industry:
• Reimbursements should be higher based on you being accredited.
• Improved training for paratransit providers, i.e., CTS.
• Actual governance over the paratransit industry.