Lori Schultz / Office Manager / Human Resources

Mrs. Lori Schultz brings a wealth of experience in the business management and human resources sector.  She is certificated as a registered Municipal Clerk and International Institute of Municipal Clerks, where she served as Village Deputy Clerk in Winnebago for more than eight years.

Mrs. Schultz was responsible for managing the business office, billing systems, administration budget, and human resources. 

She also held titles as FOIA Officer, OMA Officer, Deputy Registrar, and Secretary to the Zoning Board.  Prior, her business management extended further as she held the business manager role for the fastest-growing event production company.  Here she was responsible for HR, bookkeeping, vendor registration, receipt reconciliation, corporate budgets, supervision of office sales, and Secretary to the Board of Directors.  Additionally, Mrs. Shultz has over sixteen years in the legal field as a Deputy Court Clerk for Winnebago 17th Judicial Circuit Court.