Jeremiah Capps / CCT Paramedic

With over 15 years of dedicated service in the field of emergency medicine, Jeremiah Capps is a seasoned CCT Paramedic and military veteran known for his exceptional contributions in special warfare and special operations medical support. Hailing from a strong military background, Jeremiah Capps forged a distinguished career as a medic, primarily within the realm of special warfare and special operations.

His extensive experience and commitment to life-saving missions have made a significant impact within these elite units. Following a successful transition to civilian 911 services, Mr. Capps continued his mission of delivering top-notch medical assistance to those facing critical situations. His experience in high-pressure scenarios and unwavering composure in emergencies have proven invaluable in the realm of emergency response.

Jeremiah Capps is a passionate advocate for knowledge sharing and has assumed the role of instructor across various healthcare disciplines, including wilderness EMS, tactical combat casualty care, ACLS, PALS, and prolonged field care. His dedication to training the next generation of healthcare professionals has significantly enhanced emergency care standards.

Beyond his roles as a practitioner and educator, Jeremiah Capps has played a pivotal rolein developing and implementing groundbreaking initiatives within the medical field. Notably, they were instrumental in crafting an influential medical standard that has been embraced by special operation forces worldwide. He also initiated the establishment of the first-ever medical support squadron for special operations and pioneered the creation of an occupational medical squadron for operational pipelines and other specialized training programs.

Aside from their illustrious career, he is a devoted family person, cherishing quality time with his two beloved daughters. His steadfast commitment to advancing a preventive and progressive approach to healthcare reflects their dedication to safeguarding the well-being of their loved ones and communities.

Mr. Capps remains a driving force in pushing the boundaries of emergency medicine. Hisenduring commitment to saving lives and advancing healthcare practices distinguishes himself as an exceptional healthcare professional and innovator.