George Lombardo / Operations Manager

George is a dynamic and visionary leader with a remarkable record of driving growth and innovation in EMS. George is a critical care paramedic with 17 years of experience and at 3 years in management is considered a rising leader in the field of EMS.
Currently serving as Operations Manager at Superior Mobile Health in San Antonio, Texas, George has a proven track record of leadership and innovation. Initially promoted to Field Supervisor in 2021, George played a pivotal role in shaping the position to its current scope before ascending to Operations Manager in 2023.
His tenure has seen the organization’s field staff grow from 45 to over 120 with the fleet expanding from 6 to 14 ambulances during peak hours. Handling nearly 20,000 calls in 2023, the organization has experienced tremendous growth.
George has led significant initiatives such as mobile data management, recruitment and retention strategies, work/life balance scheduling, and implementation of EMS-FTEP. In 2022, George graduated from Fitch & Associates’ prestigious Ambulance Service Manager Program, where he directed a team project which was selected to present at Pinnacle 2023. George is committed to teamwork and upholding strong values.