George Lombardo / Field Operations Supervisor

Mr. Lombardo is a Field Operations Supervisor, Field Training Officer and Paramedic with Superior Mobile Health. He began his career at the young age of 19 as an EMT-basic. Today, he is well experienced with over 14 years in the pre-hospital industry. Mr. Lombardo has held multiple positions as a lead medic in both clinical settings and in the field on MICU capable ambulances.

Over the years, Mr. Lombardo has prided himself on his professionalism, work ethic and hands on clinical skills and continues to instill these practices in the young EMTs and Paramedics today. Mr. Lombardo came to Superior Mobile Health as a strong clinical provider and leader which was quickly recognized by management. He was first promoted to FTO then to Field Supervisor where he continues to shape and mold the new position as Superior Mobile Health expands its services.