Eric Pillow / Fleet Manager

Mr. Pillow began his career as a mechanic in 2008 and shortly after joined the United States Marine Corps (USMC).  Mr. Pillow enlisted as a 3521 Motor Transport Mechanic/Technician, where he was trained in diesel mechanics and certified in A/C systems. Upon completion of his training, he was then stationed at Camp Pendleton, California from 2009 to 2014. 

In his enlisted tenure, he became Sergeant through his hard work, dedication, and passion for his country. Mr. Pillow was deployed in Afghanistan, where he provided critical support in maintaining multiple varieties of vehicles, including General Motors (GM) vehicles, Oshkosh vehicles, tanks, as well as heavy equipment.  He learned valuable knowledge on various diesel platforms, including Caterpillar, Cummings, International, and Detroit. In 2014, Mr. Pillow began his civilian career as a mechanic working on specialty emergent vehicles with American Medical Response (AMR) in the Seattle area. 

He provided routine maintenance and repairs to over 170 ambulances and support vehicles over the eight years at AMR.  Upon returning to Texas in 2022, he joined Superior Mobile Health as their fleet mechanic manager bringing 13 years of extensive experience to service the entire fleet of Superior.