Jefferey Sinclair / Paratransit Manager

Jeff started his career in Phoenix, Arizona in 1998 with Southwest Ambulance as an EMT.  Southwest was later acquired by AMR and became the AMR central Arizona operations.  During his 25 years with AMR, he provided emergency 911 service throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area and in the rural community of Bagdad, Arizona.

At AMR Jeff held positions as an FTO, station logistics coordinator, station lead, district captain, special events team member working special events such as ASU and Arizona Cardinals football games and Nascar races, FEMA deployment team member deploying nationwide with disaster relief, and union steward for the IAFF local I-60. During this time, he was a CPR, first aid, and wilderness medicine instructor.  Jeff then transferred to AMR San Antonio operations in March 2022 and then retired in June.  He began with Superior Mobile Health in July 2022 where he became an FTO in 3 months and then promoted to his current role as a paratransit manager in November 2023.