My name is Rebekah Leuker and I am the Wheelchair Van Supervisor here at Superior Shuttle. A non- emergent Medical Transportation Specialist is someone who provides services to individuals who are not in an emergency situation.


These individuals are typically in need of additional assistance during transportation because they require the use of a walker or a wheelchair.


Here at Superior Shuttle, the number one priority of our transportation specialists is the safety of all of our clients. The main significance of a transportation specialist is to provide the highest quality of professional care. We strive to ensure peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be taken care of.


Our shuttle disability wheelchair van division plays an intricate role in our organization by providing non-emergent wheelchair transports. We strive to set the bar high in safety compliance, technology, and professional training programs.


Though shuttle transportation is not regulated in the State of Texas, our organization takes the initiative in third-party programs to be an accredited Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Specialist through Medic CE, a nationally recognized entity.


To learn more about Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, visit our website.

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