I’m Dr. Rachel Littlefield and I’m the Medical Director for Superior Mobile Health. I really enjoy working for Superior Mobile Health, the people are very nice, welcoming, and work very hard to provide the best care possible. Everybody is willing to go above and beyond and go the extra mile and whatever it takes to get the patients taken care of as well as possible and as quickly as possible and get them where they need to be.

I grew up in a small town 20 miles west of Waco called Valley Mills. I did my Undergrad and Medical School at Texas A&M University. I got some experience in EMS all along the way at medical school and at residency. My husband and I moved down here a year ago to start my career in San Antonio.

There were protocols that were already in place prior to my starting the position as Medical Director. I took those protocols and along with the protocols from other well respected EMS units and kind of combined what we liked from all of them into one and made it our own. The way we monitor it is by talking to our crews and making sure everything is flowing smoothly. We monitor calls and do quality improvement on reports to make sure everything is going as well as they should.

From day 1 it was very much like a family walking in. One of the first things I saw was the passion that everyone had for their job, and not just for their jobs but for serving the patients and the community in San Antonio.

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